Anti-aging: how can I fight wrinkles?

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been" wrote Mark Twain. A poetic concept. But there are hints and tips to naturally limit the effects of time on my skin. There are a few simple rules to follow now, so you don’t age too quickly. By: Claire

Anti-aging: how can I fight wrinkles?
Anti-aging: how can I fight wrinkles?
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My anti-wrinkle treatment routine

Skin must be cared for on a daily basis, by cleansing, hydrating, nourishing and protecting it.

•    Do not forget to remove make-up: we cannot emphasize this enough; for healthy skin, it is essential to cleanse skin and carefully remove make-up every morning and evening, as this allows skin to breathe overnight. Not removing make-up will considerably affect the skin's aging process.  So never miss even a day!
•    Protect skin from the sun: UV rays accelerate the skin's aging process. Avoid exposure to sunlight all year round, without protection adapted to your skin tone.
•    Hydrate the skin: daily use of a day and a night cream is an effective protocol that you should start following beginning adolescence.

Youth enhancing foods:
This is the number one factor for your anti-aging strategy, as true beauty comes from within. The most important ingredients in the recipe for youthful skin are the ones on your plate. A deficiency in vital elements can lead to premature aging.
Eat a varied and balanced diet and drink at least 1.5 Liters of water per day to stay hydrated and eliminate toxins.
Carefully select a breakfast that will fill you with energy.
Favor foods with anti-aging effects:
Vitamin A, which you can find in liver, egg yolks, butter, oily fish..., Pro vitamin A or beta-carotene present in several fruits and vegetables: raspberries, mango, melon, spinach, carrots, lettuce, cabbage...
Anti-oxidant vitamin C which stimulates the synthesis of collagen: yellow and orange colored fruits contain high levels of vitamin C: tomatoes, watermelon, apricots, lemons, and of course oranges.
Anti-oxidant vitamin E and B vitamins also help combat the signs of aging. These can be found in broccoli, potatoes, grain germs, almonds, lentils, mushrooms, sardines...

My beauty sleep:
Get the most out of your sleep. The number one factor for accelerated aging is the lack of sleep. In the short term, skin is duller, your complexion less radiant. You need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Hours slept before midnight are more profitable. Call it your Beauty Sleep!
Do not forget to turn off the heating in the bedroom if it is too high, as it irritates and dries the skin.

My sports program:
Exercise regularly and you will see the advantages. There really is nothing better for sculpting your figure, preserving a toned allure and oxygenating your organism's cells... Including of course your skin.
You aren't training for the next Olympic Games! Find a sport to suit your tastes and needs: 1 hour of sport per week, individually or in a group is adequate. Also favor walking and cycling over driving, and prefer the stairs to the elevator...

My enemies:
It seems unnecessary to recall that stress, pollution and tobacco are your skin's worst enemies. Combined, they constitute an explosive cocktail. No need for more extensive detail. Try to avoid them to save your skin, once and for all.

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