AROMA-FUSION, the new Yon-Ka body collection

A sensorial approach in 4 tempos, 4 aromatic blends with specific properties, 4 benefits, 4 invitations to journeys across iconic regions of France

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Yon-Ka, 100% natural collections by design

Yon-Ka is inspired...

Inspired by the vegetal world, its properties, its benefits. Creators of the Quintessence, it has open new venues in the science of aromatherapy, the art of treating with essential oils, and aromachology, the power of scents on behavior. The essential oils which powerful effect on the body and mind has been recognised and documented for centuries, have been at the heart of its research for more than 60 years.

Based upon this expertise and this passion Yon-Ka has developped ranges of products for years and always with targeted benefits. With the same spirit geared by the love of nature, Yon-Ka has created a new body collection where essential oils unveil their riches and deliver the best.




A phyto-aromatic journey, a made to measure experience



4 aromatic complexes

In a world of stress an chaos, harmony is luxury and re-balance body and mind a priority. The four essentail oils aromatic complexes, 100% natural have been developped to answer to specific needs while delivering balance and well-being : 



4 tuned benefits

Because it care of all women, Yon-Ka  offers you the 4 AROMA-FUSION concentrates, designed to answer to  4 specific needs , 4 beauty concerns :

DETOX : with the essential oils of Lavender and Everlasting, ideal to clear the skin from daily aggressions.
SILHOUETTE : with essential oils of Cedar and Cypress, it tones and invigorates.
VITALITY : with essential oils of Mandarine and Sweet Orange, it allows to bring new-found energy.
RELAX : with the heady scents of Tiare flower and Jasmine to allow a deep sensation of peace and relaxation.

For each and every one, according to its needs, there is a tailor-made solution to feel good, naturally.


4 sensorial journeys


With this new body collection, we invite you on a journey ... or better even on several journeys ! Four sensorial trips on the roads of France and its islands. You will enjoy a GETAWAY TO PROVENCE where flavours of Provence surround you. You will feel like a WALK IN THE FOREST to oxygenate with woody and fresh scents. You will fall for this CORSICAN DELIGHT, with its dazzling citruses. You will not resist a JOURNEY TO POLYNESIA with its warm, bewitching and sunshine filled scents.



With four aromatic concentrates, Yon-Ka breaks away from boredom and brings a new flair to your daily routine.




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