Detox after the holidays?

Be careful, this does not mean the person has to fast or follow a drastic diet to lose weight, as is commonly believed. The goal is to get back into shape, enhance vitality and recover a healthy-looking complexion thanks to a lighter diet and a little exercise.

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Essential steps

What is detox exactly?

The term detox is short for detoxification. "Detox" implies a body purification process, with a view to eliminating accumulated toxins.


What are the key principles to a detox routine?

After a period full of festive or heavy meals, detox consists in:


- giving your body a rest by eliminating "toxic" foods for a few days only: 

. fast-releasing carbohydrates with high glycemic indexes, such as: flour and white bread, potatoes, sugar, sodas, alcohol, pastries, etc. 

. bad fats: fatty meats, cheese, cold cuts, sauces, etc.

. excess protein,


- encouraging your body's elimination processes,


- engaging in moderate physical activity, such as fast-paced walking whilst taking deep breaths.


What can you eat during a mini detox period?

- a mug of warm water and unsweetened lemon juice every morning, vegetable broths, bicarbonated waters (e.g. St Yorre), peppermint, rosemary or star anise teas to help with digestion - as many as you like throughout the day,

- fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals: these food groups help stock up on vitamins, antioxidants and fibers,

- steam-cooked lean fish instead of red meat.


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