Dry, oily skin, signs of aging: what can I do to fight against skin dehydration? Here are our expert's answers. By: Claire

Yon-Ka beauty tips: hydration the first anti-aging step
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Preserving the skin's hydration levels means preserving its youth, suppleness, softness, tone and radiance, regardless of our age.

How do I know if my skin is dehydrated?

Some signs of discomfort cannot go unnoticed: your skin feels tight, starts peeling and absorbs all your makeup.

Visually, you can see grooves and fine lines appear, and your complexion goes dull. Lastly, when you touch it, your skin is rough and lacks suppleness.

No skin type is immune to dehydration, but some factors such as sun, cold weather, wind, excessive heating, smoking, pollution or age may accelerate the dehydration process. 

Skin is dryer and more sensitive to dehydration because it suffers from a shortage of water-retaining lipids. However, contrary to common belief, this phenomenon spares no skin types, not even oily ones.


What beauty routine am I to adopt to rehydrate my skin? 

For dry or oily skin suffering from superficial dehydration: morning and evening, apply some vitamin-enhanced CRÈME 28 either by itself or mixed with a few drops of HYDRALIA, enriched in blackcurrant extract. This ultra-hydrating cocktail gets rid of feelings of tightness and roughness and smooths out fine lines. Your skin is more supple and comforted, and quickly recovers its radiance, softness and balance.


For deeply dehydrated skin requiring restored youthful appearance:

An intense hydration routine, that acts in synergy at all skin levels.

For dry or sensitive skin, the new routine should be adopted in the morning and evening: HYDRA No.1 SÉRUM powerful hydration booster + HYDRA No.1 CRÈME hydrating and repairing.

For normal to oily skin, the new routine should be adopted in the morning and evening: HYDRA No.1 SÉRUM powerful hydration booster + HYDRA No.1 FLUIDE hydrating and mattifying.


For all skin types suffering from dehydration:

1 to 3 times a week use

• a non-abrasive plant-based scrub to gently eliminate dead skin cells, brighten complexion, hydrate and balance the epidermis: GOMMAGE 305 scrub for dry or sensitive skin, or the GOMMAGE 303 scrub for normal to oily skin.

Apply a thick layer of gel to the face and neck. Leave on for a few minutes. Remove with your fingertips, using soft and light movements, then use damp cotton balls.

• the MASQUE No.1 with a delicate flowery scent. A gel-cream texture that deeply hydrates skin and helps fight against free radicals, which increase signs of aging and irritation.

Leave on for 15 min or all night in cases of extreme dehydration.


Once a month at the salon:

The intense HYDRALESSENCE VISAGE hydration treatment


Did you know?

Hyaluronic acid* is a component of all living tissues and our skin contains most of it, i.e. 50% of our total body content. Its content declines with age, leading water to be less retained in the tissues, thus entailing decreased skin tone.

You have probably all heard of its anti-aging hydrating effects or of how it is used to fight against the appearance of wrinkles. You may also be interested to know that it lubricates aching joints, absorbs shocks and relives knee arthrosis. It can also be used as a protective agent during microsurgical ophthalmologic interventions.

When used in cosmetic products, depending on its molecular weight, it will either act on the epidermis or on both the epidermis and deeper skin levels. You now know all its secrets!

*The 3 new products from the HYDRA No.1 range contain hyaluronic acid: low molecular weight = Hydra No.1 Crème, Fluide and Sérum - high molecular weight: Hydra No.1 Crème and Fluide.

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