AROMA-FUSION: the unique and made-to measure skin care experience

The AROMA-FUSION experience in Salons and Spas, is a tailor-made "à la carte" moment to yourself, where every treatment is custom designed according to your needs and wishes that day : you may choose the scents that will surround you, your beauty concern to address, the scrub texture and the massage technique or ritual you prefer.

Surrender to the 4 unique aromatic concentrates
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Surrender to the 4 unique aromatic concentrates



In the salon and spa, you can personalise your scrub and/or massage with an AROMA-FUSION aromatic concentrate 100% natural you may choose among the 4 themes offered.

Yon-Ka offers you an "à la carte" moment to yourself. You are in charge of the details of your experience according to your needs and wishes. You pick 1 of the 4 aromatic concentrates with the helps of your aesthetician : 




Then, you can choose :

A scrub among the 3 textures and 3 exfoliation intensity (30mn)

- GOMMAGE DOUCEUR / GENTLE SCRUB : soft exfoliation with bamboo powder and apricto kernel powder. It helps remove the dead cells and leaves the skin comforted by a thin hydrating veil.

- GOMMAGE GOURMAND / GOURMET SCRUB : nourishing exfoliation with 2 cocooning sugars which transform in milk when mixed with water.

- GOMMAGE MARIN / MARINE SCRUB : intense and remineralising exfoliation with marine salts and brown algaes.


The massage from 4 specific techniques for targeted areas (30 or 60 mn)

- AROMA-LUXE : manual relaxing massage with exclusive Yon-Ka techniques for a moment of intense resourcing relaxation.

- AROMA-TONIC : toning massage with draining and sculpting techniques using bamboos on the legs to help promote an overall sensation of lightness, particularly benefitial to the legs.

- AROMA-ENERGY : re-balancing massage with acupressure energising techniques on the hands and feet to unlock energy blockages, unwind and relax.

- AROMA-RELAX : relaxing massage with hot stone therapy on the back to ease muscles tensions and bring a feeling of peace and well-being.


Or you may opt for a complete ritual among the 4 indulging promises of relaxation and getaway (gommage + specific massage, 60 or 90 min)

- GETAWAY TO PROVENCE :  The re-balancing and calming effect of the iconic essential oils of Provence : Lavender and Everlasting.A gentle scrub combined with a relaxing and detoxifying massage, for an harmonising journey.

- WALK IN THE FOREST : A re-energising breath of fresh air with essential oils of Cedar and Cypress inspired by French forests.This invigorating experience includes an intense salt scrub, followed by a sculpting bamboo-based leg massage for a renewed feeling of lightness and well-being.

- CORSICAN DELIGHT : An escape to the fruity notes of Corsica, the Island of Beauty, as french refer to it. Revive your energy with the invigorating scents of Mandarine and Sweet Orange. A gourmet sugar scrub followed by a re-balancing massage will awaken your senses, free you from stress and relieve body and mind fatigue, helping you to recover vital energy.

- JOURNEY TO POLYNESIA : Take off to a heavenly place and its warm and floral notes of Tiare Flowers an Jasmine. Decadent 2-sugar scrub combined with an indulgent massage with hot volcanic stones relax the body and mind so you can totally "let go" and enjoy the journey. 


By yourself or in duo, surrender to a unique and tailor-made experience at each time at your Salon or Spa.



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