Pure indulgence Gourmet Body scrub with 2 sugars
Gourmet scrub with 2 sugars

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

Aromatic foot compress

2-sugar scrub

Tonic shower

Brown and white 2-sugar scrub, rich in Sunflower and Sesame vegetal oils. Its unique texture that turns into milk when mixed with water gives this scrub a very cocooning dimension. It exfoliates, smooths and reveals skin's radiance.

Results : The skin is exfoliated and smoother. Its nourishing base leaves a light veil of softness on the skin.

Time Length 30 mn

Perfume free scrub, with no essential oils, to be customised with one of our 4 AROMA-FUSION aromatic concentrates: Lavender/Everlasting, Cedar/Cypress, Mandarin/Sweet Orange, Tiare Flower/Jasmine.

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