Remineralising Marine scrub,  with marine salts and Seaweed
Remineralising scrub, with marine salts and Seaweed

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

Aromatic foot compress

Marine scrub with exfoliating particules

Tonic shower

Intense marine Guérande salt and Seaweed scrub. Its crystals clear the skin of its impurities and dead cells for a more beautiful and softer skin. The Britanny algaes provide the skin with the minerals it needs.

Results : An amazingly brighter, radiant and softer skin.

Time Length 30 mn

Perfume free scrub, with no essential oils, to be customised with one of our 4 AROMA-FUSION aromatic concentrates: Lavender/Everlasting, Cedar/Cypress, Mandarin/Sweet Orange, Tiare Flower/Jasmine.

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