Treatments AROMA-RELAX

AROMA-RELAX, relaxing massage with hot stones
Relaxing massage with unwinding warm stones technique on the back

Unwinding massage with warm volcanic stones for deep relaxation and an intense feeling of well-being. On the back, the volcanic stones warm the muscles and activate microcirculation to ease muscle tension and allow the mind to escape.

Results : The combined actions of the heat, the essential oils and the pressure exerted by the therapist allow to unwind the muscles tensions and to relieve pain so to bring a peaceful feeling and total well-being.

Time Length 30 / 60 mn

The aromatic identity of the massage will be customised with one of the 4 AROMA-FUSION concentrates: Lavender/Everlasting, Cedar/Cypress, Mandarin/Sweet Orange, Tiare Flower/Jasmine.

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