AROMA-SCULPT, toning massage with bamboos
Toning massage with bamboos for exclusive sculpting techniques on the legs

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Aromatic foot compress

Manual massage with draining and sculpting manoeuvres with bamboos on the legs

Aromatic awakening, stretching and back massage

The ultimate relaxation experience thanks to a toning massage, using bamboos. The pressures are both vibrant and soft so to bring a sensation of lightness, particularly beneficial on the legs.

Results : When the bamboo glides, rolls over and rotate on the body surface, it helps promote draining and improves the skin's resilience. The pressures are both dynamic and soft leaving you with a sensation of lightness and better energy. This is the perfect massage for tiredness, heavy legs or after exercising intensely.

Time Length 30 / 60 mn

The aromatic identity of the massage will be customised with one of the 4 AROMA-FUSION concentrates: Lavender/Everlasting, Cedar/Cypress, Mandarin/Sweet Orange, Tiare Flower/Jasmine.

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