Treatments Taïga invigorating treatment

Yon-Ka TAÏGA invigorating oil candle massage
Precious oil candle invigorating treatment

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

A warm compress for feet and ankles, impregnated with Phyto-Bain essential oils, digitopressions,

A relaxing body massage with restorative, anti-dehydrating and anti-aging candle oil with woody and invigorating scents of siberian pine, cypress, virginian cedar and yellow mandarine essential oils.

A hot aromatic compresses, followed by gentle pressures on the whole body for a gradual return to reality,

An aromatic, rosemary scented awakening, with deep breathing, stretching and Lait Corps moisturizing anointing.

Results : A complete treatment from head to toe. A sense of ultimate quietude. 100%: a pleasant invigorating scent 100%: soft, velvety skin 100%: the treatment allows a deep letting go. *Open test: 10 women aged from 18 to 70

At any time for relaxation of tired, stressed persons, and to nourish the skin.

Time Length 60 min

Exceptional wellness multi-sensorial treatment ritual:
• The candle flame's halo of light sets a pampering atmosphere
• Subtle aroma of woody essential oils sooth and invigorate
• New perceptions of touch with enveloping, gliding texture.

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