Treatments SENSITIVE, for sensitive skins prone to redness

Treatment care for sensitive skins, reactive skins, skin redness
Soothing and comforting care for sensitive skins, prone to redness

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

Aromatic awakening

Skin cleansing

Cool vaporization with Lucas Championnière

Gommage Yonka

Cool vaporization with Lucas Championnière

Optional specific treatment (high-frequency)

Localized application of SENSITIVE Mask with Emulsion Concentrée compresses

Specific Eye contour modelage*

Face and neck modelage*

Face and neck mask

Treating base cream

Aromatic awakening

The expert tailor-made calming treatment for sensitive skins, prone to redness. Targeted techniques and very soft manoeuvres, consistant with the care of reactive skins. Specific mask and modelage - The benefit of the application of a bespoke double mask. The strenghening of the epidermis natural defenses and the long lasting reducing of sensitivity and skin's irritability. Proven softness and performance.

Results : Sensitive skins (1): - Soothed and alliviated skin : 100% - Discomfort feelings releaved (tautness, tingling, itching) : 100% - Desensitizing effect, less reactive skin: 100% Skins prone to redness (2): - Clinical scores : -63,1% redness after 1 treatment, -73% after a course of 4 treatments - Capillaries less visble, complexion more even: 90% (self-evaluation) - Cooling and soothing/relaxing effect of th treatment: 100% (self-evaluation) (1) Open test under dermatological control - self-evaluation on 10 women with sensitive skins (reactive skin) - 20 to 67 years old Intensive course of 4 treatments (1 treatment per week for a month) (2) Open test under dermatological control - Clinical scores / Self-evaluation -10 women with redness - 44 to 70 years old Course of 4 treatments : 1 treatment per week for a month

For hyper-reactive skins, sensitive skins, skins submitted to adverse treatments and those showing transitional or more permanent redness, diffuzed or localized. In intensive course of treatments : Once a week for a month (4 treatments) On a regular on-going basis : Once a month

Time Length 60 min

* The word "massage" is used for therapeutic care handled by physiotherapists. It is not to be used by aestheticians, who perform "modelage".

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