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    Targeted action for beautiful contours
    All skin types
    Day & Night
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With this fine and lightweight oil, tone, nourish, soften and smooth your skin effortlessly.


Pink pepper oil, renowned for its fat metabolizing effects combines with massage to effectively improve the appearance of dimpled skin.


A must-have product for a noticeably sculpted and toned figure.



Tonifying, smoothing


Morning and/or evening, spray the oil on the targeted areas. Massage in with circular motions.


Its light texture allows you to dress right after application.

Essential Ingredients

* Pink pepper oil : lipolytic, reduces dimpled skin appearance

* Sunflower oil : nourishing, softening

* Sesame oil : nourishing, restructuring

* Baobab oil : nourishing, antioxidant

Fl 100ml
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Recognised efficacy*:

Skin is smoother and more toned : 2 out of 3 women


*Self-assessment - Use test carried under dermatological control with 18 women ages 19 to 53