Lotion Yon-Ka PS Limited Edition

  • Lotion Yon-Ka PS Limited Edition
    Celebrate summer with Lotion Yon-Ka by Fifi Mandirac
    Dry or sensitive skin, dehydrated skin
    Day & Night
    • 99% of natural ingredients
    • Paraben free
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Summer heats up: Time to indulge and to be swept away by the scent of sheer happiness of the precious Lotion Yon-Ka PS


Known for her colourful and bright floral patterns, famous French graphic designer Fifi Mandirac brings a new touch of freshness to our iconic Lotion.


True to our commitment to protect biodiversity, we fund 1€ to the Association “Un Toit pour les Abeilles(“A Roof for the Beeseach time you purchase this Edition

Hydrating and refreshing, it also helps alleviate excess sun exposure


Morning and night: lavishly spray the mist onto your face and décolleté, and follow with light tapping motions. You may then apply your appropriate Yon-Ka cream/serum.

Keep vaporizing the Yon-Ka Lotion throughout the day to freshen up and for glowing skin.

The bonus: applied after the foundation and before loose powder the Lotion mist will help matify the skin and make-up setting.

Essential Ingredients

With its essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme, the Yon-Ka Quintessence is the epitome of beauty revealing your inner glow and soothing your spirit.

200ml btl
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Can be used at any time of the day for an immediate and refreshing boost.

Calms sunburn, insect bites, when used in a compress.