SENSITIVE Crème anti-rougeurs

  • SENSITIVE Crème anti-rougeurs, soothing, corrective redness
    The "fire-extinguisher" for redness-prone and reactive skins
    Sensitive and reactive skins, diffuse or localized redness, reactive or permanent redness
    • 98% of natural ingredients
    • Paraben free
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Thanks to its extracts of Centella Asiatica and Mirabilis jalapa (marvel of Peru), known for their soothing properties, this treatment cream visibly acts upon redness whether it is occasional or permanent, diffused or localized. 


Hypoallergenic* and soothing, its formula, perfume free and essential oil free, is enriched with natural pigments for a CC Cream effect (Color Correction), which unify the complexion from the very first application.


With time, redness is offset sustainably, and the burning sensations lessen.



* Formulated to minimize the risks of allergies.

Even complexion, soothed skin


In the morning, after cleaning and spraying the LOTION YON-KA mist, apply the cream to the face and neck.


You may apply it in the evening too for maximum effectiveness. 

Essential Ingredients

* Centella Asiatica - Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru) : anti-redness - soothing


* Vegetal glycerin, olive phytosqualane, polysaccharides rich in fucose : hydrating


* Bisabolol : soothing


* Natural green pigments :  "CC" effect, color correction 

t 50ml
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Treatment care for sensitive skins, reactive skins, skin redness

SENSITIVE, for sensitive skins prone to redness

Soothing and comforting care for sensitive skins, prone to redness

Time Length: 60 min

For hyper-reactive skins, sensitive skins, skins submitted to adverse treatments and those showing transitional or more permanent redness, diffuzed or localized. In intensive course of treatments : Once a week for a month (4 treatments) On a regular on-going basis : Once a month

Sensitive skins (1): - Soothed and alliviated skin : 100% - Discomfort feelings releaved (tautness, tingling, itching) : 100% - Desensitizing effect, less reactive skin: 100% Skins prone to redness (2): - Clinical scores : -63,1% redness after 1 treatment, -73% after a course of 4 treatments - Capillaries less visble, complexion more even: 90% (self-evaluation) - Cooling and soothing/relaxing effect of th treatment: 100% (self-evaluation) (1) Open test under dermatological control - self-evaluation on 10 women with sensitive skins (reactive skin) - 20 to 67 years old Intensive course of 4 treatments (1 treatment per week for a month) (2) Open test under dermatological control - Clinical scores / Self-evaluation -10 women with redness - 44 to 70 years old Course of 4 treatments : 1 treatment per week for a month

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For maximum effectiveness, you may apply it in the morning and the evening too . 

Cinical scoring - 20 women - age 22 to 55 presenting redness.

Use of SENSITIVE Crème Anti-rougeurs for a month, morning and evening.

RESULT : redness is visibly reduced, complexion is more even and he skin is soothed.

Appearance of redness (chicks) : -31% in a month.