• SENSITIVE Masque - Comforting and soothing Pink Ribbon 2018 Breast cancer awareness campaign
    Epidermal repair mask for sensitive skin, prone to redness
    Sensitive skin - Redness
    • 95% of natural ingredients
    • Paraben free
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The key answer for sensitive skins and prone to redness ! 


The secret of this mask lies in the richness of the precise and expert dosage of this synergetic plant cocktail.


Specifically formulated to help sensitive skins to reinforce their natural ability to protect themselves, its silky soft texture creates a soothing and repairing cocoon.


Feelings of tightness and discomfort will soon be old news, your complexion looks even and more radiant; the skin is durably soothed.



Yon-Ka supports the fight against breast cancer with the Pink Ribbon campaign 2018 !


During the month of October 2018, for every purchase of a Yon-Ka mask, 1€ will be founded to the Association

 "Breast Cancer, Let’s talk about it !"


Masque 103, 105, Sensitive, Hydra N°1 or Excellence Code masks ...: Yon-Ka offers 5 specific answers to fit the needs of each woman, 5 opportunities to support the research all along this month of October 2018.


With this action, Yon-Ka intends to raise awareness regarding early screening to all women as this is key to saving thousands of lives every year.



Repairing, calming, soothing, anti-redness


1 to 3 times a week, after cleansing and spraying the LOTION YON-KA mist, apply in a think layer locally or to the whole face. let it sit 10 minutes then massage in any excess, using effleurage (light tapping).


If you deem necessary, apply your regular cream onto the face and neck.


THE YON-KA BONUS: May be used as a "sleeping mask" when applied in a thin layer. 

Essential Ingredients

* Arnica, yarrow, german chamomile, mallow : soothing 


* Horsechestnut, hamamelis : anti-redness


* cereal germ oil, St john's Wort, silicon rich horsetail, lemon balm : nourishing 


* Yon-Ka Quintessence  : balancing 

t 50ml
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Treatment care for sensitive skins, reactive skins, skin redness

SENSITIVE, for sensitive skins prone to redness

Soothing and comforting care for sensitive skins, prone to redness

Time Length: 60 min

For hyper-reactive skins, sensitive skins, skins submitted to adverse treatments and those showing transitional or more permanent redness, diffuzed or localized. In intensive course of treatments : Once a week for a month (4 treatments) On a regular on-going basis : Once a month

Sensitive skins (1): - Soothed and alliviated skin : 100% - Discomfort feelings releaved (tautness, tingling, itching) : 100% - Desensitizing effect, less reactive skin: 100% Skins prone to redness (2): - Clinical scores : -63,1% redness after 1 treatment, -73% after a course of 4 treatments - Capillaries less visble, complexion more even: 90% (self-evaluation) - Cooling and soothing/relaxing effect of th treatment: 100% (self-evaluation) (1) Open test under dermatological control - self-evaluation on 10 women with sensitive skins (reactive skin) - 20 to 67 years old Intensive course of 4 treatments (1 treatment per week for a month) (2) Open test under dermatological control - Clinical scores / Self-evaluation -10 women with redness - 44 to 70 years old Course of 4 treatments : 1 treatment per week for a month

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May be used as a "sleeping mask", when applied in a thin layer. 

Tolerance tested under dermatological control.

RESULTS (1) : the skin is soothed, better looking and more comfortable.

* The skin is soothed: 84% (2)

* The skin feels comfortable in the long run: 89% (2)

* Skin's reactivity : -52% (3) after 28 days 

(1) Tests conducted with 19 women, age 21-60, with reactive skins (all skin types : normal, combination, oily, dry, atopic) , 60% of which were showing redness - Using the SENSITIVE Masque twice a week for a month.

(2) Self-evaluation under dermatological control

(3) Stinging test (measuring of the soothing effect)